How Laura re-innovated her business during the pandemic by delivering directly to consumers.

Laura ships flower kits to customers’ home and then jumps on a video call to do a DIY virtual workshop. She builds a community, cheers people up, and continues her business. Metrobi powers the deliveries.

How it Works

Fleurs to You delivers the flowers to your home. Then you jump on a Zoom call and  do a virtual workshop. They also are offering bouquets and traditional flower arrangements for delivery. 


We love what Fleurs to You is doing

Fleurs to You is a mobile flower shop that works with employers, commercial property managers, residential communities and others to create places where people love to live, work, and play. They offer pop-up flower events and workshops. The very core of her business model is creating community and engagement through interactive events. 


With the current pandemic, Laura had to pivot away from everything she been working to build. Her customers still wanted engagement so she came up with some creative ways to still provide it. 


Some of her offerings include planting kits, flower arranging classes, and other events all facilitated through virtual workshops. With so many people working from home the demand has been phenomenal. 

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